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Kathleen Voldish, CLC(AMT) started P.O.L. (physician office laboratory) Consultants, Inc. in 1989 after working in the field of hematology/oncology for 20+ years.

She served 3 terms (6 years) on the ASCP's national Physician Office Laboratory (POL) Committee in preparation for CLIA regulations. She served as an ASCP State Advisor to N.J. and served as a Legislative Liaison to the Washington office of the ASCP. Prior to attaining her certification as an AMT Certified Laboratory Consultant she held an MLT ASCP and NCA register medical technician certification.

She worked on the pilot program of the Commission of Office Laboratory Assessment (COLA), served on the Clinical Laboratory Managers Association's educational committee, the ASCLS PACE committee, the University of Pennsylvania/Hahnemann University Medical Technology advisory board and taught CLIA and OSHA at Rutgers University for nursing management. Her seminars have been given locally and national and she is one of the most published authors of articles on physician office regulations in the country.

In 2006 the name of the company was changed to P.O.C. (point of care) Consultants to better describe the extent of services offered.

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